Benjamin Franklin Mason (1804-1871). Born in Pomfret, he worked first in Vermont, then in Boston, Troy, Buffalo, and Milwaukee before finally settling in Woodstock. Other examples of his work are at the Sheldon Museum in Middlebury and the Woodstock Historical Society. (See Frankenstein and Healy, "Two Journeyman Painters." Sheldon Museum, 1950.)


Timothy Bartholomew portrait 

Timothy Bartholomew   (1746 - 1831)

     Bartholomew was a surveyor by trade.  He came to Thetford by 1771, married Esther Grant in 1773.   They lived north of North Thetford (present Palmer Farm).  Bartholomew served in Strafford, Newbury and Royalton Alarms - 1778-1780.  He was a Selectman from 1779-1780, 1783-1784, 1786, 1802, 1811.  Bartholomew also served as Commissioner for sale of confiscated Tory estates - 1780.  He was a School Trustee 1784, and a State Representative during the 1780s.  The portrait at left of Bartholomew dates from 1825.

Joseph Hosford portrait

Joseph Hosford  
       Joseph Hosford (1772-1842), the son of Aaron Hosford, lived in North Thetford, probably on Clay Road. He married Abigail Bartholomew (1776-1858), daughter of Timothy Bartholomew.

Abner Bartholomew Hosford portrait

Abner Bartholomew Hosford  

     Abner Bartholomew Hosford
(1812-1895),  married Elizabeth Sawyer (1818-1897). Either he or his father built the stone house in North Thetford.  Both Hosford portraits were painted in 1825.