When human beings interact with nature, landscape change is inevitable.     Time, weather, disasters, and other influences also play a role.     The Thetford of 100 years ago or more is recognizable today, though much has changed.

The Historical Society is fortunate to have a sizeable image archive that documents our past, and viewing old photos is a favorite pastime, no matter your age.    An online photo archive at www.flickr.org/thetfordvt has been established, where photographs have been organized into subject sets.     Images have also been located on a map, also on the Flickr site.

"Lord's Corner" (intersection of Route 5 and Latham Road)

We're encouraging Thetford residents to view these images, pick out a few of their favorites, and take some contemporary shots of their own.     Locate the spot where the photographer stood to take the original image, then take your own photo today.    Send it to the Historical Society, and will post it side by side with the original.     Look at completed photo comparisons in the "Then and Now" set -- an example of the Latham Road-Route 5 intersection is shown above.    It's a fun, 'get outside and explore' activity.    You'll be documenting landscape change, and creating a new Thetford archive for future generations.